01 January, 2008

2008 jan 1

1 月 1 日 雨

Hmm at first I thought of blogging in Chinese but too bad my NJStar isn't working =.=" so fine leave it, and I shall use English then...

On this very first day of 2008, I do hope things could change, at least slightly different from last year. Being sick is really a sad thing, coz’ can’t join them for countdown. Even if I could get there, I might still miss the fun T_T since I could barely speak a word *sigh why sore throat till so cham de?*. Okie nevermind, after all it is just a celebration which I could actually enjoy it yearly =D.

School is going to reopen soon, and I will be busy with stuffs again. So I might not be able to online, not to say blogging anymore. =.=”so this will be the last post for the holiday [will update again if there’s chance + time]. I remembered last year I was still worrying if I have time for him, if I can still meet him weekly, or fortnightly, and if bla bla bla… But now nobody needs to do so anymore. Yeapz, I’m free =D weee… I actually used quite few days time to think bout it. And now perhaps I am still thinking if I could get any explanation from you, and to tell you how much I’d wish to make it clear between me and you. But since it is the past and I have started to forget about this, so I guess there’s no such need anymore. Perhaps letting it be is always the best option among all. Finally I have decided to let it go *sigh you knew I am always uncertain in making decisions rite?* lol. And bout the thingy I have bought, I have decided not to collect it since it is not important anymore. And wasting RM50 is not a big deal after all *maybe?* >.< accept the truth..now… So I even threw away the receipt to make sure that I won't collect it. Forever not.

Thanks 2008, for bringing everything into the past, and I shall always step forward but not looking backwards. Thanks 2008 for fading away everything between us. Thanks 2008 for bringing him away from me. I assure myself that I could live better than in 2007.

[Bye, 07’ ♥]

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