04 February, 2008


04 02 2008

There's only another day of schooling before the one-week-holiday. Well, it is not precise to say 'holiday' because I couldn't even get a rest in this following week. It's almost time to do the following things:
-Get up early (as usual larh = =)
-Visit temples (still feel sleepy at that time)
-Visit uncle's house (Wee..his new house)
-Back to my hometown (a day nia..hope to not meet any friends there)
-Hang out with buddies (hope it's a lovely one)
-Celebrate birthday for 'you' ^^
-Bai nian (gette meet them again)

[This is how I spend my whole week??]
Erm what else arh.. After all, getting red packets is not the first thing I look forward during CNY. Hehes, because there is always something more important =].
CNY isn't that great after all due to loads of homework, homework and homeork. How am I supposed to enjoy myself when my heart is burdened with lots of homework? T_T huh..just let my mind focus on one single thing --- enjoy this non-school day with a calm heart and soul ~[still forgiving and forgetting]~

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