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02 February, 2008

In the car, I was looking out from the windows. Suddenly, I saw a familiar image which I longed to see in my heart. I saw the blur blur look that always appear in his face [again]. From far, I could observe him walking towards the place he visited most of the time =.=". However, he couldn't see me because it was quite a distance between me and him. Looking at him, many things between us flashed in my mind all in a sudden. I never wished to think about all these anymore as it was the past, but I couldn't help. Soon, I received a sms from a friend telling me that he saw 'him' at there also. At that particular moment, I knew that the person I saw is really him. Anyway I could only say that I am glad to see and know that he is fine now. Perhaps I need not to think anything bout him, because forgiving and forgetting are more important. Since everything is unreversible, why do I force to flash back again?

Anyway, Happy CNY ba...
[Thanks for your support of reading my blog always, Spell. I love u ^^]

-FiSh- 02 02 2008 || 8.25pm

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