11 March, 2008

03 11 2008~

So anyway…
I'm blogging because I have nothing better to do and I am just trying to escape from doing tuition homework. So I will be starting all my nonsense again, if you don’t mind. But then again, I don't care if you mind. Holiday is the word, but the meaning in it is nothing more than any usual school day. I still have to attend tuition classes, and it is more than usual for this week. I still have to rush and force myself to understand every single thing in the notes, thou’ I don’t wish to. I still have to chat with unnecessary people bout unnecessary topics, and all the craps really annoy me. I still have to do everything repeatedly, and I think I have just got enough of it.

Yes it sounds a bit emo, but I am sorry because things aren’t going smoothly at all today. In one whole day, I met so many people that are related to someone I don’t wish to mention in my entire life. I don’t know how to react and I just forced a smile when seeing them. I knew they linked me with the person once again, thou’ things are not exactly so. Oh ya by the way, glad to see you once again Daniel~ I didn’t know that it is really you until you told me that you too, saw me..lolz..

And… I realized that some people are really selfish [extremely selfish] that they could even ‘betray’ [yea, sort of betraying] their own bestie. I don’t really mind because I am not exactly her bestie, but all her acts are really too tricky. She is smart but not mentally intelligent. Stop faking, my dear. Hoping that I would not hate you that soon <3

Oh ya, before I forget, I am sorry today if I have said something that offends you. I knew you mind what I said, or perhaps your mood was influenced by something else. Whatever it is, I just don’t wish to ruin anything between us. Once again, I am sorry, please forgive me~ 1 week will pass soon...

{so near yet so far}
{miracles happen followed by another}

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