15 March, 2008

03 15 2008~

So I finally decided to go there, since I have never been there for three months. Passing by familiar places of us, I even bought something that related to you both. Thinking back what I have done and troubles I have caused to you, I am really sorry bout the past. I knew I would never be able to experience it once again, for it is irreversible. Nor it is erasable from my mind. Anyway I don’t have to regret right? Since I have better treasure in front of me.

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Since the day I did not want to keep in touch with him anymore, friends around him are creating stories such as I have no credit, my credit was expired etc. She even told him that my mum took away my phone because I smsed too much. =.= At first I really don’t mind whatever method they used to stop him from smsing me. I was obeying them since they say I might ruin their relationship. At first I really feel guilty as if I am really the one who cause troubles to them, but I am actually innocent. She is the one who helped me to get rid of him, and she is also the cause who told Ling bout this. What’s the point of doing that? So finally yesterday he told me that he had broken up with Ling, I was about to say what the--- Did they actually break up because of me?? Why is it me again? I didn’t do anything. I am glad that I am the one he finds when he is down. But we’re just good friends, aren’t we? When they told me not to be the third party, I was already as furious as now. But fine, I did be patient and told him to cherish his good girl. And now he told me that she was angry of him and I. If this is the truth, then I better have no good friend like you, to my apology. Can anyone actually think for me by my side? I am just a friend of all of you. Why must she create stories in front of Ling? And why must people think the relationship between him and I is kinda special? I really don’t wish to hear of any of these unwanted things anymore. Please… Stop it… Be fair to me, and yourself too...

{{{ Anyway I can forgive and forget everything that all of you did to me }}}

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