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16 March, 2008

03 17 2008~

Thank you's are like candy as a meal,
However much I give would not suffice.
After all your listening and sharing,
Nothing that I say strikes me as real,
Knowing the full measure of your caring.
Yet thank you I must, for lack of more precise
Or fitting words, the like would my lips seal,
Undo my thoughts and drown my heart in feeling.

{A short lil' poem it is}
So...I would like to thank you guys for the support always...
Especially to Winterlove,
Well, to put your name, I just wanna make it open and clear that I am mentioning you here xD. So I knew you visited my blog all the time, whenever you're free larh sometimes. Though' you did not always drop by a message, but I knew your existence here all the time. Thanks alot, however you truly already helped me alot =] We shall be best friends forever, shouldn't we? LoLz

{I love Spell and Kei Yan too}
{Always and Forever}

Anyway it's too late to язġrέŧ
♥ hātέ Ľįfε

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