23 March, 2008

03 22 08~ 友谊永恒

Owh, I feel that I am so stupidddd after they told me the whole story. So they broke up and I am not the main cause I supposed [^^] but he is the victim here. Sigh I really pity him because she isn’t as good as he thought. I knew that last time he used to be a playboy and he should continue enjoying his life with his old lifestyle because this girl does not worth his love at all. Anyway he was already hurt and I think I should treat him better as a friend since the misunderstandings are finally revealed. I am sorry if I have ruined the friendship between us, please allow me to mend it myself~… But all I disliked is some people who actually liked her but pretended to save the relationship for her =.= what a faker isn’t it? And he was the one who asked me not to get close to this guy as if I am really the cause of the break-up {which is not true because the truth shows he is the one}Anyway it’s none of my business anymore. No matter who is the ‘him’ right now, I will always support you^^ Gurl, you’re my friend from today onwards~ hope you can find what you need from the new ‘him’~ ^^

{{{ 與其說 當你悲傷的時候想到誰 那才是你所愛的人
不如說 願意分擔你悲傷的人 才是愛你的人 ~ }}}

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