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26 March, 2008

03 26 2008~

Today...nothing special happened today. I don't wish to mention those boring stuff because it will only make my blog even more boring [I don't wish to get any complaints anymore].
[ Bf VS Bff ] Which is more important? I had been asked this question before, and I will always answer bff, but that doesn't mean bf is not important right? But to some kind of friends, I have got tired if you were to say that you hate him or whatsoever. It doesn't mean there is no friends when there is bf, or vice versa. Things must always be balanced right? Sigh*** I don't know why some people still cannot accept this and I don't know what should I do. I don't wish to lose an important guy because of a good friend. If you're just UNHAPPY with my decision, I am sorry because I am me...

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