01 April, 2008

04 01 2008~ Im sorry

So it's April Fool today. I said facts and people thought I’m playing since it is April Fool Day. Whatsoever it is, I never played jokes on this particular day and I don’t think it is any special day either. Sigh* perhaps I am that kind of boring person gua.. I don’t know since when and why I have been so quiet among them liao, I remembered there was some time ago when I was very talkative and quite 38 =.=” Then after school, when I was sitting outside the bus stop, I saw her, someone who is totally familiar yet sort of a stranger to me. Perhaps she does not recognize me, since we have been only met once or twice I think. And I am the person who is not important to him anymore, so how should I expect you to remember me anyway… So I just finished reading his blog, and I felt so sad over our friendship..sigh..
I don’t know what happened between us but I know the main cause is the guy whom he felt 不爽。 And why should this affect our friendship?? Or perhaps there is something else happened which I am not quite aware of? Anyway I am sorry, my dear bestie~

03 31 2008~
So I went to Times Square and Sungei Wang on this last day of March, and I walked around the whole place liao but still couldn’t find Mexico items. I was like, ~Ughh why they set the theme like this, isn’t it way too hard to even find stuffs which are almost similar to the original Mexico stuff?~ =.= And I brought a 7仔 plushie home, ^^kawaii desu ne~ Then I bought a piece of tight-fitting sweater also, I don’t care whatever she says anymore. Even if she complains or whatever, I will still wear it, hahaz.. I finally realized that I can’t keep money in me, or else I will use them all xD. Feeling tired, and met loads of people there, but I don’t know why I can’t meet people that I wish to see at the moment.. Sigh God is like that de lerh, always make things like that.. I respect Your decision no matter how.

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