22 April, 2008

04 22 2008~ Hapi bdae, Ken Meng & Glory~

Student: Teacher, may I go to class XXX to look for XXX?
Teacher: Why?
Student: Err… to find her for…
Why are you wearing the necklace?
Student: Ha? This is a praying necklace worh
Teacher: Nono, you should not have wear this to school
Oh my, why you wear bracelet also? Take it off now.
(Student obeys)
Teacher: Since when you become like this arh? Do you know that you are the best example for everyone or not? Since when you turn to such a bad girl? You learn from who?
Student: Err…
Teacher: Weii, I am asking you a question. Faster answer me.
Student: [shit] Ha? No larh, didn’t learn from anyone…
Teacher: Don’t have arh? Ohh wear ring somemore arh? Faster take off everything NOW
(kk, obeys)
Teacher: You should not be like that larh, who teach you wan? Or you learn from who?
(awaiting for response)
Student: Err teacher, let me go lerh..
Teacher: Ok larh ok larh, you go larh, faster come back arh…

Damn’ it . Yeapz got caught by such a strict teacher, what response did she expect me to give? Sigh, means I gave her a bad impression towards me again? Duh, I found it really hard to please teachers like this, and I knew it’s my fault. I am a bad student, I have had to admit it. I simply couldn’t figure since when I behave so, but there’s one thing I am sure of, that is I will still play the good part of me. I am sorry.

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