16 May, 2008

Aww… Exam fiesta is almost over, left the last paper on next Tuesday. Finally I can stop rushing to study at night for the subjects on the next day. Do you really think that I am those kind of people who are just simply SMART and can score well WITHOUT studying? If yes that’s what you think, then you must be kidding.

Me: I don’t know how to do lerh for that question/ section/ (whatsoever)
You: Aiya, you don’t so lc larh, you sure score 100 de larh, (with all your bloody nonsense)
Me: ….(what do you expect me to say?)

I couldn’t explain a single thing for I know you will never understand. If there are really people who can be smart without making any effort, don’t you think life will be easier then and I simply need not study a single page right? Please think and re-think before you make any judgement on me. Some people just expect me to give them answers as if that’s my responsibility to bring hp EVERYDAY and send answers to them. If anyone of you ask me politely for the answers, I promise I will give you. I admit, I have had given to some people of the class. They asked for it nicely from me, I don’t mind giving.

But if you are saying that I am lc-ing you with my results or if you yell at me to stop studying when I am revising, then I am sorry, I am pretty sorry to myself for not yelling at you back. =.=” Some people must be saying that I am rude or I am just selfish for not sharing my answers with you. But have you ever think why on earth do I need to give you my answers when I am getting nothing in return other than your scoldings and those nonsense spreading around the school? And I might be caught as well, have you ever think on behalf of me?? Because of the word ‘friend’, I don’t care if you are my close friends or a stranger to me. I still gave you, because I wanted to give at least some help to you. But don’t you think it is too much if you expect me to do it and scold me when I didn’t give as if it is my responsibility? Do you know that there are actually some people on our school who gave his answer to people and people pay him? Of course I won’t be doing such cheap things. But I really don’t hope anyone of you to rely too much on others’ answer because that will not bring any benefit to yourself. It harms you, you know? You just can’t copy all the time. And…Do you know the effort of mine behind? How much did I sacrifice while you were playing and wasting time around all day before exam? And I do hate the actions of certain people who are spreading rumours around that I get bloody good result and all sorts of nonsense. Can you please mind your own business and stop making those freaking fake rumours? If you are cursing me at the moment I refused to give you a single answer, please re-think on your actions and respect me.

I am rude, I know. But you forced me to.

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