05 May, 2008

[continue] Exam Fiesta~

6th of May..
a day to skip school when others are having their tough time doing their exams…
Some are having BC exams and some Islam exams…
I didn’t have any exam today—so I stayed at home.
And you must be expecting me to study throughout the day since I have plenty of time at home today. But a big nono, I just couldn’t find myself right in mood to study..
So I ended up sitting in front of the computer again =D.
I am thinking if I can take Accounts exam this time, because it clashes with the Physics exam. Aww..someone told me that we can take the exam after a few days, like on the last day of exam when we only have PJK on the entire day. But the conflict occurs here--- I didn’t dare to take the exam coz’ I am scared I might fail--- I think 60% will fail ba..
So what should I do, I can’t escape till the end of the year right? But I just can’t help…

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