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27 May, 2008

Diary again```

05 27 2008~
HaPPy BirthDay, Siew Li~ and Snoopy Monitor [05 28 08]…

Wee~~ Just back from cruise trip yesterday, but now only I have time to relax and sit in front of my laptop to take a break. So… it was a great trip, although I didn’t go with my entire family, but going with neighbours was nice too. The cruise was not as big as the previous one I went to, unlike those Superstar Cruise, but it was still great… During dinner, we had buffet and… I ate dessert more than main course… Fondue [that’s the proper spelling actually], ice cream, cakes, and all sort of sweeeeeeet stuff~ I luv’ it lotz… Then..we went to the upper part of the ship and it was just great to take a breeze at the corridor, watching stars and moon at night. Well, I guessed I have gained weight for eating so many wonderful cuisines from various places during the trip. But too bad, there was no sushi for me, =( how sad.. >.<

I love this piece of almond cheese cake...

Nice, sweet desserts... !! Enjoy it~

This is the one... but it's the model nia..

Trying to look like a ghost LOL

I love this..thou' it seems fake =.=

And today.. I went to see doctor with Mum. A skin specialist, I had to go for today. Why? Well, because you can always see that there are few red spots on one of my toe. And Mum insisted to bring me for specialist check-ups. So there I was, at Pudu, meeting this weirdo--- a weird specialist.

Dr. Chow: Ohh hiii, have a sit, my dear…
MuM & I: *smile* thanks
Dr. Chow: So.. this is your youngest daughter?
Dr. Chow: You have three children right?
Mum: Err, nope… I have two children…
Dr. Chow: Oh ya, I must have remembered wrongly. So you have a son and a daughter right?
Mum: Nono, I have two daughters.
Dr. Chow: Oh so how is your elder daughter? How’s she doing?
Mum: Well, still fine.. *smile*..

Firstly, I have no idea who he is. This is our first time going into this clinic, approaching this doctor. And how can someone creates such conversation when he actually didn’t meet us before? LOL weird…

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