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28 May, 2008

05 28 2008~

To my horror, holiday suddenly becomes a tuition week [for next week]. Reason? Monday I will be having a whole day of tuition class replacement for Saturday that is the birthday of YDPA. =.=” then Wednesday there will be another replacement for Accounts class, because the teacher is not free on our usual Sunday class. Then Thursday I have to go visiting my uncle in Klang, but not too bad because I will have chance to do my shopping at the Klang Parade or Jusco there. Friday I won’t be free too, due to some reasons.

Hmm… So I only left few days for myself. And the regrets I have during this holiday are:
1. I will have no movie marathon because I can’t find a single person who will actually watch Narnia, Indiana Jones, KungFu Panda, Someone Behind You and IronMan with me.
2. No going to Book Fest, because there is only a few days left and nobody could spare time for me in search of great books there.
3. No sing k, perhaps? Because I am only free during this coming Friday, next Tuesday and Saturday.
4. T_T no more vacation to great places
5. No beach for summer

{{{ Aww…who can grant all my wishes? }}}

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