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21 May, 2008


I lost my way…
I don’t know if I should hold on or to let go…
Things are getting unhappy these days but I believe whatever matter can be solved in sorts of ways IF we work for it…
And as for me,
I think I am people who hate working on something that I don’t really wish or hope for right now…
Can you imagine it that in just two months, things happened and changed and now got worse? I am impatient, I have had to admit it.
Time is not everything to you, but to me it is.
I hardly have time for leisure, because I do have loads of jobs to do these days even after exam. For example, tomorrow I have to stay in the library for the whole day to handle those pelatih ‘exam’, and to tidy up the entire place. But I think I will enjoy it, I will have a great time there tomorrow =D, and you might complain AGAIN that I won’t have time for you or whatsoever. Then next, there will be an Interact Meeting regarding to I.U. Day, and I haven’t even prepare a single piece of my work to be checked tomorrow T_T.
I am not giving up, but I have had to settle everything with me first.
I decide that this comes first before anything else, but that doesn’t mean that you are not important. I was sort of shocked when you confronted me in the morning today, I did not know how to respond. Was it entirely my fault? Or did you have to apologize after everything is irreversible?

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