07 June, 2008

06 07 08~
{{{I am feeling better}}}

Was feeling sad few days ago…
Thou’ I told someone and he did cheered me up,
Thanks a lot…
I just don’t think that it was enough =X
So…as usual
I decided to go for shopping~ [again]
I bought myself a cute Snoopy bottle,
Two Mickey tees from Disney Original Outlet,
A pair of flip-flops,
A pair of jeans shorts,
And lastly, a pair of glittering shorts…

I have asked myself why should I get depressed just because of such people?
This person can hurt me more than once,
But I can tell that I actually have gotten used to it already…
Everything now isn’t important,
So I must leave this person,
For God’s sake…
To live better without you…

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