11 June, 2008

06 11 2008~

{{{ 总是我的错, 我已经不再对自己有信心了,因为那些伤害是我做成的}}}

School had just reopened few days ago…
And I am feeling sick of school again =X LOL

Firstly, I have to pay more than RM30 just for those photographs of class and clubs =.=
Well I didn’t really join lots of clubs right, did I? But I was in lots of picts =X just like last year, it was more than 10 [again??]

Then… do you realize that I have been walking the school for past few days? Or I am missing in the class at times? =X aiks… I passed by the corridor for SOOO many times in a day =.= and I am actually feeling tired of walking around the school just to ask around the teachers about that thing. And I have only one day left!! I am not complaining or anything, I just want to release something from my heart =X I know all of us are working together for many things, and hence jobs are our responsibilities, so I must do it no matte how… But… Can I really meet up all the 88 teachers of the school? LOL kinda unbelievable to know that our school actually has 91 teachers including the practical teachers?

And… I have tuition after school. Going there back and forth is tiring, but I have no choice since the Physics teacher of weekends isn’t as great as the weekdays’ one =X… And yesterday I had learnt that actually Mr. Hashim [is this his correct name?] is actually very happy and satisfied with his Saturday’s class students [which means US^^] as we can talk, joke and play with him [Did we? I am not sure but that’s what he told me yesterday]…

So I have got back almost all of my results except PJK paper [that’s a lame exam, isn’t it?], and I have no comment on all of them =X =X

Finally I broke my promise again, for not turning up on Wednesday [which means today] at Kasturi =.= I am sorry, I am too tired to even go there…

So I just read someone’s blog, she is not really close to me that I had only met her once when she firstly knew me… Now I don’t think she still know me anymore because I never drop any comment in her blog nor chat wit her in MSN. However, I almost cried while reading her blog. She spoke something of my heart actually, now I know that the very same thing happens on her too. But what can I do to make her feel better when I am also involved in such situation? *sigh*

Yesterday, he wanted to confront me bout something, but I knew he wouldn’t because I think I know him well--- his shyness. It was actually an expected conversation when I knew every single word he would type to me. But I haven’t thought of any response to be made yet, and I bet he also didn’t know what’s wrong with me too. He thought I would be perfect to him, but actually he is totally wrong.

I mean I couldn’t be someone perfect anymore, to anyone

I have nothing more to say than sorry.

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