Tuesday, June 24, 2008

06 24 2008~
{{{ 没有你的日子--- 第182天 }}}
[ 寻找我遗失的美好 ]

I already gave the letter to Pn. Jamaliah--- to let her know that I am not ponteng-ing for three days xD… I knew that she is kind enough that she won’t mind if I absent for daysssss =X…. And she told me bout my overall result + performance in class…and blablabla…

So… I will be going off at 7am ++ tomorrow
Weee~ I am not sure if I should be excited or worried --- excited over the trip or worried abour the piles of homework for my absent for 3 days. And I will be going to miss the Open Day --- the day when parents come to school, collect the report card and meet the form teachers. I bet it isn’t a big deal right? =X =X hehes…

Anyway wish me enjoying the trip tremendously…
Don’t forget to collect homework for me LOL =X =X thanks a lot =D…
Vivibestie, I will buy you f.o.o.d if I come to those stalls hehes...
And… also do the tag for those who are in the lucky 8 person list… xD

I will update, update and update when I am back =]

And you must also keep me updated with EVERYTHING happens in school for the three dayssss hehes xD xD

Byebyesss~ ^^

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