15 June, 2008

Wee, just back from KL..
Today just like an usual Sunday, I went for tuition classes. But too bad, for some unknown reasons, Leongleong’s class had been cancelled and the teacher had been replaced with an aunty, with initial SH. LOL damn it, why must she has SH as her nickname too? T_T
After Accounts class, I went for Chemistry class and sat beside my good friend. After tuition classes, he thought of going back with me but too bad we were going to Federal Hotel for the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang, hence he went back with Eunice if I have not mistaken.

And SK, YW and I went to Plaza Rakyat LRT station and had a ride to Hang Tuah. We went into Times Square since it was still early, and I chose the place to eat--- Johnny’s!! [Again? XD] Oh ya, Mr. NJH owed me a plate of banana boat =D. Thanks to SK and YW for accompanying me to eat xD. After that, we walked under the sunny sunshine and hot weather to Federal Hotel. The first person I met once I reached the ballroom was Yenki =D, followed by Justin and blablabla…I think I saw Louis there too, but I was not sure if I have seen the wrong person. But too bad, I didn't see Wai Sin all the while. Anyway, while we were sitting half way, Alex came to us too. Mr. Rahim became the host =D and so is Mr. Hashim [this time I knew his proper name xD] When it was our turn to take the prize, the host separated us into two different groups which meant we would be at different photo =(. SK and YW were in the 8th photography session, while Alex, Justin, Merv and I were in the 9th photography session. And surprisingly, I was the first person who was called upon for the 9th photographing session =D. I chose the middle seat =D and Alex sat beside me, followed by Yenyi and Farzanah^^ [I met her again =D]. After that, we went downstairs to collect our cash =D and had some food there… I met Mr. How and chatted with him for a while and *laugh* I asked why did he wear like a detective xD. Then I snapped photo with Farzanah but too bad the photo was in her phone’s, not mine =(.

After that, we thought of going for a walk at Times Square but I didn’t know why, we just went back home. While we were on the way, we had been talking bout people again =X. LOL those were FACTS, but we were not really right for talking bout that fella =X. So… I enjoyed my day today.
1st, because of the money I had today xD
2nd, metting Yenki, Farzanah, and him xD
3rd, because I finally met Mr. NJH when I couldn’t see him yesterday even though I waited for him at the stairs of KL1
4th, I could get the group photo of pelajar-pelajar cemerlang sesi 2007 within a month =D
5th, I managed to eat 5 meals today =D
6th, I loved my sweet ice cream today
7th, I could have a big fest later for dinner =D
8th, I would be going for vacation soon =D thou’ plans were unsure yet now…
9th, I am glad that I actually meant it when I said I care bout you
10th, for Mr. NJH owing me the banana split

For these 10 reasons, I must smile all the day =D lalala~

The trophy I have got~ my 27th one =D

A cute food, but I think my camera has abit problem, hence it doesn't look nice =X

Yenki and I~!! *cheese*

I met this cute thing today, it's only RM 69.90!! I crave it =D


Ermmm it's Father's Day today =D I am not sure if the dinner is considered the celebration for this special day. But as for me, I haven't buy the present for Dad yet. I saw it on the other day, but I had not enough money to buy, but until now I hadn't get a chance to go there again to buy it =( Anyway, Happy Papa's day`~

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