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01 July, 2008

07 01 2008~
6.03pm~ 让时间停留在这一刻

Falling sick soon… got flu already after bathing, sigh…
Two persons asked me bout it today, I felt bad that I didn't answer the truth. Nothing changes between us since last few weeks, but I still take it as something important. I almost lost it when I was bathing. When bathing, I don’t wear specs and I couldn’t see where did it drop to. I searched all over the place; until I found it under the small pail, sigh…

Library camp
Ermmm it sounds fun ^^ everyone seems excited including me hahaz… There will BBQ, games, sleepovers at *somewhere* and exciting activities!!! Let’s keep other things confidential first, because we haven’t get the permissions from Bidah 姐 yet LOL … But the question is, do I really can go? I mean I will be going to stay at the place a night, and will skip few subjects of tuition classes AGAIN. Sigh…

Yes, again… But why is it so soon? I thought it supposed to be on August? OmG I have only 5 days left counting from today. Diediedie~ Moreover, all subjects are cramped together in a day--- example Tuesday: History, Maths, Chemistry and Physics. And I can’t take Accounts exam AGAIN this time. T_T Firstly because my tutor hasn’t finish teaching the entire syllabus but school teachers already finished it. Secondly, it clashes with Physics AGAIN. Thirdly, I have not enough time to prepare for this exam LOL =X =X

I fucking hate you

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