28 July, 2008

07 28 2008~

*Happy Belated Birthday, Kritzhubby and Boonpin.

A lazy Monday. I reached school just right at 7.20am =D; glad I was not late =X. Right after the assembly, Pn. Koek wanted all girls to stay at the assembly and checked one by one. Oh ya, I almost forgotten that she told us to clip girls’ front hair up to the back neatly. Like Bidah Jie always say no more ‘rambut yang berjurai-jurai ke depan’ worh =.=”. So fine, I clipped to the right side, and left some hair at the side. So we walked to the pathway and… she was standing there, checking us. Screw her, she pulled out my hair from the side of the ear and said, “Tunggu di sini”. Ugh. Yea Mayyen, Carol, and Magie also got caught. While standing there waiting, I thought of going up =X. Meichee and her gang also said, “Eyh why don’t we straight away go up arh?”. Brilliant idea =D so we went up =X =X and nothing happened after that… This is just the first day, what about tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? And the days I have to go through T_T. it looks weird to clip all the hair to the back lorh =.=” What a stupid rule it is, somemore she said that her ex-students in Taman Connaught also do this… T_T I hate assembly…

I realized that I still have a lot to do with the plan of one of the activity for the camp. I really have to plan everything properly and make sure that it works. I do hope that it really works. Sorry arh Sook Kuan, for being so slow and doing last-minute work. I think I can finish all the 36clues and the entire planning by tonight, including those rules and regulations thingy >.< hehes…

I look sad today? LOL no… just bit bored =.=” all work and no play makes me feel sooooooo dull >.<

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