29 July, 2008

A tiring day today…
During school, She scolded us again this time--- saying that the way of we handing in the exercises is wrong, that many teachers complain about us, that we do not respect her when she is teaching. =.=” She made me clipped my hair till so awful during her class, and she still scold, scold and scold. Aiks… yesterday, JJ scolded us--- for being 15 minutes late to the lab. And shouted at us to go back to our class right then. And today it’s Her turn. >.<>.< After tuition classes, I couldn’t accompany her to take a ride by the bus because I went to buy another thing at somewhere*

(all in Chinese)
Me: Excuse me, how much is this? And do you have one besides this (the one on display)?
Salesgirl: RM 69.90. Nope, this is the last one.
Me: Har? But it is dirty at the side here, and also this part. And you see there are spots here too [loads of complaints over it xD]
Salesgirl: Arghh fine, I will search for the new one for you.
Me: LOL thanks.
Salesgirl: Found already, you sure you really want or not wan?
Me: Yea, do you provide wrapping service as well?
Salesgirl: Yessss, with an additional charge of RM5.00.
[after waiting for 20 minutes]
Me: Excuse me?
Salesgirl: [no response] =.=” {nobody bothers me… }
Me: Yea where’s my softtoy?
Salesgirl: My colleague is wrapping it, why not you pay first?
[RM 69.90 + RM 5.00 = RM 73.90]
Okiee paid.
Then after the fella wrapped it, she hit a number on the calculator- “RM 69.90 – 10% = 62.91”
Me: Huh? I paid already lerh, without any discount.
Salesgirl: You sure or not? I don’t think you paid for it. [sounds like she does not believe me]
Me: Fine, here’s the receipt.
Salesgirl: Oh okiee then. I will give you back the remaining change then.

*Just for this soft toy, I waited for more than half an hour, and Sis even waited for me at BJ LRT Station for 15 minutes =.=”. Finally I brought it home =D. Happy Graduation, Sis~ It’s for you ^^ [I knew you love p.i.g]

*I thought of getting this at first =X =X but it cost more than RM100 =.="

The lying pig~

With the hat it's wearing =D

I simply love its butt xD

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