14 August, 2008

Oh did I cry?
Sorry, I don't remember
Early morning, *he shouted at us—asking to ********. But there was still no response from us, hence he shouted again until we *******. Right after the assembly, he wanted us to stay back and scolded us =.=”. Aiksss it was not entirely our fault…
Oh ya I almost forgotten that I should not post anything bout school *politics, in case there's any spy over the net. So anyway whatever I mentioned here is totally not against the law.
It’s okieee that we lost. As long as we still have our dignity, pride and unity. We shouted ‘4G Boleh’ really loud at that moment. But… Guys, all of you really did great job… somehow even better than us. ^^
___I feel that I am looking smaller and tinier than I am…

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