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07 August, 2008


It was not a really good day. Ms. Sim told us that we will be having just a small test on next Monday bout Chapter7, which I haven't even learn it yet, not even in tuition classes yet. This means that I have to work out on the entire chapter during this weekend? Ughhh lazy =X.

Due to some complaint, Pn. Jamaliah told the guys to cooperate and participate well in the competition.. Aikss~ So finally when everyone became cooperative, something undesirable happened--- there was rumour that some class copied us in singing this song. But still, we were not so sure if they are really singing the same song as ours, or it was all just a misunderstandings~

*Nobody needs me no matter where I am. Whatever all of you say, it won't cheer me up~



Today we had our practice in class, because Mr. A was absent =X. And... we on the radio so loud that other classes could hear it. Some asked me if we were singing an English song... =.=" means they really heard us.

Cute drawings?
4 sweeeties =D
Thanks Mina for the drawing~
*T_T have to prepare for Chemistry Diagnostic Test~



I thought of going for tuition today after going home to have lunch and take bath. But suddenly Sis told me that we have to go to LowYat today =.=” my first reaction was, “Har? Why” =X I love going for tuition classes than to browse at those gadgets at LowYat. Then she told me that we are going to buy a new camera today… because our old one is not good enough- has not enough light exposure, not enough power capacity as things do get old isn’t it? Surprisingly, Dad agreed to buy us a new one… Reasons? Here they go:

  • Sis is having Convo soon, so we need a nice, good camera to snap her glorious moment xD
  • We will be going for vacation [somewhere near], so we need to snap pictures especially at NIGHT
  • We will also be going for concert, so =D we need to snap the artist xD

LOL Dad actually has no choice,but to agree =X =X.

*Reached home kinda late at night, and was lazy to study for Physics Dianogtic Test on the next day~

Pink!!! The only one in the whole floor of camera shop....
Yea 7.2 MP nia~
Sony!!! I don't want to support Olympus anymore, once is already more than enough =X
While going home, I bought this =D I was extremely hungry =.=" Heartyou,blueberrytart =D

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