31 August, 2008

Weeee~ Merdeka Sales~ =P
I shopped from the morning till now,
and my ankle aches! Ugh.
Only RM6.90
to have a plate of nasi lemak with chicken (:
*Had haircut today,
and it is the cheapest haircut I ever had (:
RM15 for 15 mintues LOL
They aren't professionals,
but who cares; it is cheap!! xD
after this great haircut day,
my hair still looks the same, as usual.

*Bubble Iced Blended

Lychee ; Apple ; Yam

Have this drinks during lunch (:

* New shoes!! xD

*twinkle* It is on sale--- from RM 59.90 to RM 19.90 xD

*New clothes!! xD

Jacket--- RM 69.90 from Forest® [with 20% discount!!]

Tee--- RM19.90 ; unknown brand [original price is RM39.90!!]

Pants--- RM 46.90 from VJ Jeans [with 30% discount!!]


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