05 September, 2008

09 05 2008~

Ugh. I was sleeping when my phone beeped just now. Guess what, it was a prank message from anonymous. So it reads, “Sze Hui, do you noe I love you since standard 6? I really love you k. I love you. Please be my girlfriend, k?”. LOL! He must have thought that I didn’t know who is he, so alright, I replied him this way, “Oh my…. Yeaaa how sweet! I love you too since the day I met you.” And the reply I got was, “Oh really? So let’s date xD”.

=.=” Why on earth do you have so many new numbers and so mush credit to play prank like this? T_T did anyone ever tell you that my credit is really running super low that I left only RM1++ now?? [It is impolite to not reply his message (:] *Sigh. But still, I kinda glad that you finally will text me even when you don’t need my help LOL.

If you remember what happened last year, one year had totally passed and it's time for us to get back there to pray again. (:
Due to this religious purpose, I am going back to my hometown tomorrow. And I will have to skip my tuition classes for whole day =.=" and I also will not be able to turn up for the I.U. Day. Sorry SweeYengDarling, for not be able to see you there ):
Sorry JM but I am serious that I really could not attend it.
Thanks KhaMun and JoAnn for helping out with exhibition stuff, which I am supposed to take charge of.
And... Yay! There will surely be ice-cream time from the famous stall when I reach kampung xD. *Addicted to eating, ---influenced by Vivi xD

There will be lesser and lesser updates these days,
because I am busy with sorts of stuffs,
but still
my blog will not be dead (:

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