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30 September, 2008

Update of 9月29日 ^^

Back from Genting (:
The weather is hot there =.=
Still on holiday mood, although exam is near…

Mum’s request--- Went to Chin Swee’s Temple…

Monkey xD

It's more than just a temple =.="

Ferris Wheel~

Me + Sis [in hotel]

Climbed up the pagoda with Sis and Mum, Finally reached the top of it--- the 9th floor

Outside Arena of Stars~

So crowded--- thousands audience from worldwide countries

*Met Ah Kian there, he is working for 2 nights for this concert…

A must when watching concert ^^

- RM 10-

can be used for hand-clapping (save energy xD)

Hilarious Sammi (:

Her red heels are at least 6 inches @_@
Flying coaster--- took a ride with Sis
Shopping craze~

*Bought 4 Tee-s [fully sponsored by Sis xD]

RM59.90, 50% discount, Padini Authentics

I made this, from booths in First World Hotel

*RM2.90 per letter

*RM2.90 for the steel behind

*FOC for the string

SiS has one too (:

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