07 October, 2008

10月07日 , 雨

我 因
是 为
否 一
该 些
放 不
弃 愉
未 快
来 的
呢 从
? 前

Late for school today..
For more than fingers can count..
LOL broke the record of the year liao xD
Thought of hiding in the library,
But unluckily met Mr. S again.. =.=
I have had to go to the assembly area…

Met DaddyLoke and Mr. Lim in front of the computer lab…
Managed to stand + chat with them
Until the assembly ended =X

BM exam
today was okieee,
Except for the peribahasa part,
And also the teknik plot thingy bout the novel
Goodbyeee Bahasa Melayu~
History exam is coming…. Very soon…

*Besties gave me different opinions
One said yes, another said no.
Whom should I be listening to?

*Walking under the rain with you..
LOL nothing but something happened…

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