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09 October, 2008


{{{ Daydreaming in the whole morning LOL

During recess,
I have had to go for a short meeting of Editorial Board,
bout where to have our annual gath3ring...
We waited and waited for everyone to reach =.="
until the bell rang indicating interval time was over
I voted for having it at Shogun..
But too bad,
Majority won--- the place we choose now is Jogoya, Starhill Gallery...
@_@" they ought to have it in the afternoon..
Which means I can't go for movie marathon on that day,
HSM3 on 24 Oct.. T_T
*Hope they can change their mind..

*Goodbyeee History.... P/S: ihateyou LOL

After school,
I was overjoyed being told that librray was closed
=D which meant I need not to duty..
LOL but I saw Spell's expression in his face...
So nevermind =] I should stay then..
After 2 hours Chemistry lesson in the library,
I walked home under the drizzle..

P/S: SPell, don't forget your promise..
I save your messgae already.. xD

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