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29 October, 2008

=DD bit busy with librarian stuff these days~
However, I am considered as
the one who do few jobs
compared to our Juliet
who slept at 2am for so many nights
Apart from EdiBoard annual Hi-Tea which we already had
and our LibrarianAnnualDinner...
there will be loads of jamuan too xDD
Should I go for CF's one at Fusion Heaven?
Next week will be our Photographyclub one,
At KumkeiyanFongszehuiCheongyanhui Restaurant =Xx,
bored of the place LOLz...

By the way,

I kinda love this movie,

Influenced by Juliet again LOL xDD

It's The Coffin,

A Thai movie, showing on 30 Oct '08 =DD

Looks scary after watching its trailer xDD

This is the way they work =DD

To produce such a great impact on the movie =Xx

And sleeping in a real coffin...
In fact, there is not only ONE,
but A LOT

Plus the superb light effect =D

Oh ya not to forget,

There will be Madagascar2 showing on...

On my birthdaeee =DD

They are so charming xDD

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