23 October, 2008

Exam fiesta is officially ended!! xDD
Hope everyone will have a better mood after this,
Since everything irreversible has passed =D

Don’t let the stress of exam burdens you anymore,
And hope you will not leave next year :(
I promise,
I will miss you…. :)


{{{10 23 2008}}}

A year has passed so swiftly…
The very same day of the previous year…
I still remembered it clearly,
I was sorry bout that day.
And I made a promise on that day, however I didn’t keep the promise today.

LOLLL sometimes thinking bout it also not bad mar,
At least I can know what was my mistake,
what did I do extremely wrongly…

Reminiscence of us… LOL >.<
*Hate you for not replying my text today xDD
Enjoy your day… (:
Don’t give up so easily :)

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