17 November, 2008

Friendster is finally back to normal =)
I didn't know if it happened yesterday or today, @_@
because I was just too worn out to actually check my Friendster =.=
Perhaps I do not have the right mood to do so at this very moment.

I just got the latest bad news T_T
Felt gloomy because I was not the first one to know about it,
when I thought I supposed to be the one.
Well, I guessed I was just exaggerating all the while there.
I shall apologize.
And... what can I say besides wishing you all the best?
I mean, well, I don't know why do I have this feelings,
But I have had to admit that you will might forget me.

Being the smartest girl you ever know is not the point.
Being a good friend of yours is not the point.
Being anyone to you is NOT MY point here.
Perhaps I myself don't know what's so wrong with it,
but__ the disappointment enveloping my heart is still there.

I am sorry. I know, I know, I will still see you right?
In PTK, In malls, In fields, In wherever you belong to.
Good luck, buddy :)

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