14 November, 2008

MidValley day~ Too bad, couldn't go :(

Actually our purpose is to watch Madagascar 2 : Escape 2 Africa =DD

Alex's look when he was young is SOOOOO cute :)

And still cute when he is big :)

=D this character is super funny in the movie xD SooooN & I laughed non-stop when he appeared

Conclusion : I love the movie haha-ss

Surprisingly, all of us went there by bus :)
SooooN made us missed a bus =Xx

In bus~ ^^

Note the server's name :)

Playing with wasabi = =" and looked up to the camera eye shyly xD
*Maii black pepper udon = ="
Super spicy lerh T_T SooooN helped eating too xDD

Toilet again xDD but doesn't look like right? Haha-ss

They made us walked up and down in McD T_T"
How cruel xD


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