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13 November, 2008

I think I must update bout it now thou' I am in super tired,lazy mood now =Xx,
since someone forced me to update a.s.a.p =.=

Early morning... Maii breakfast =DD___from Mum

*Maii lunch__at Sushi Groove...with a GREAT friend + bro,
Purposely went to SunwayPyramid for this = = LoL
Met YeeWen and SookKuan while on the way =DD
Thanks YeeWen for the cute prezzy :)

Groove!! New!! =DD must try = =

Baby Dragon thingy = = forgotten its full name

After that...went to this place =DD
*A blackforest cake from *HiM :)
Thanks for playing the piano as well xDD

Alright__ Everyone wonders what's his present to me mar..
So this is the one =DD
A pendant with my picture on it, and...some words at the back :)

After meeting him, I went for the celebration with friends.
And__ The person in picture had waited since 6pm.
And at that time, the clock showed 6.45pm already, when they told me to come at 6.30pm LOL
And yet I am still the earliest one to reach the restaurant after him = =
Siapa yang lewat tu?? LoL

A *flower from SooooooN =DD LoL

Sw33tttt thing from Spellie, SooN, Yan, ViVi =DD
♥♥♥ Heart all of you

If you still remember, I have mentioned that I like this ribbit on this bloggie =DD
in the post on 15 June '08 :) Don't believe eh? Check it out__

And here I finally got it =DD
BIG ribbit from Spellie, SooN, Yan, ViVi =DD

FiSh + jM =D

With cT__

LOL Stop saying that we're ____
[fill in the blanks yourself xDD]

FiSh + BestieeeKeiYan

Spell darlinggggg =DD

Cute jM xDD

He said the 3Q's represent us--- KFC xDD [again]

BFF ♥♥♥
Glad that ViVi rushed from LCCT to here =DD *touched* __muackss

*Ignore the word on it xD

Laugh till like that = ="

Paiseh coz' let cT snapped this pict =Xx

♥♥♥ All of us =DD

*A tiramisu cheese cake from Sisza ♥♥♥

*Ribbit is so h.u.g.e

I can't believe that he bought me something enormous too*

*Thanks for all these prezzy =DD

Not to forget, the tiny, precious ones :)

And this !!! Represents KumkeiyanFongszehuiCheongyanhui,

*idontknowwhy* but..Spell, this is not lame =Xx


Thanks SoonYuen, BraN, KokWai, SookKuan, YeeWen, JoBin, BoonPin, KuiSeong, KienBing, Justin, Leon, JiaMeng, KhengYang, KeiYan,ViVian, FungSoon and Spell for the meaningful gifts.

^^Million thanks to Boonpin, Kuiseong, Justin, Leon, Yonghan, Fungsoon, Chinthong, Keiyan, Spell, Khengyang, Jiameng and Vivi for being present on yesterday night for the celebration =DD, forget those who ffk = ="

*Special thanks to Vivian, KeiYan, Spell and SooN for the effort__from choosing the BitBit, buying, carrying it all the way, and also making deco thingy [idon'tknowwhatisitcalled LOL] as well as the card !!! ♥♥♥

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