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15 November, 2008

Tuition classes start again~ o.O
Basically, today is the first day of us having our very first Form5 tuition classes.
In PTK, of course. And..7 of us are now tuitioning together =DD how nice...
Ermm the classes & teachers far so good lerh...
P/S :
FonG is cuter than Leongleong.
But I still miss Leongleong T_T"

I have tuition classes EVERYDAY, for long hours..
Just like how we go to school like usual T_T"
except Thursday and Friday :( how awful__
So if you wanna ask me out or something,
do have it on Thurs or Fri LOL
unless it is important occasions :) then I shall skip classes__hehe-ss =D

I am tired of having such a long list in my to-do list.
I am tired of pleasing everyone around me.
I am tired of faking a smile towards the strangers.
I am tired of thinking bout the problem that appears.
I am tired of doing so many things just because of one simple, little reason.

___I hunted for you, but I only found the memories you left }}}

By the way, I saw another great item that I heart again

"New Moon", besides "Twilight"___ I heard that these books are recommended ones :)

Hope to buy it soon xD

:( BitBit needs to be sew__

At the part of its wing__how sad...

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