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12 December, 2008

12 月 11 日 , 星期四

It is the first time Sis drived me to Times Square, but on the way…a policeman stopped our car and the conversation began…

Policeman: Tolong tunjukkan lesen.
Sis: Okayy
Policeman: Nak pergi mane ni?
Sis: Oh, gi shopping~
Policeman: Oh gi shopping eh? Bila nak bayar saman?
Sis: Har?? Saman ape pulak?
Policeman: Gini, awak kena lalu bulatan tu sebelum masuk ke jalan ni, bukan terus masuk sini guna shortcut.
Sis: Oh ya ke? Saye tak tau lar, ni kali pertama lalu jalan ni, kan cuti ari ni. Habis yg saman tu berapa?
Policeman: Kalau kau jarang-jarang je masuk balai, lebih kurang RM200 dah cukup nak bayar.
Sis: Har? RM200? Tak yah la, tak pernah masuk balai pun aku. Eh saye belanje minum kopi je lah.
Policeman: Oh ko nak bayar berapa untuk duit kopi?

Aunt handed out a piece of RM50 note, and we went off.
Yes, policemen of Malaysia were that “good” xD.

Alright, we then forgot about this sad thing and started shopping =D

*In the previous weeks, I didn't realise Xmas deco in TimesSquare was so nice =D

Posing with reindeer =D

It is not crowded yet at these early hours :)

I'd wish to be Santa =D

Holding handS~

The crowd :)

*Lunch at ShabuShabu =DD

Note that there are smiling stars xD

Even men were obsessed over shopping xD

Our jeans =D

Our colorful shorts + skirts xD

Surprisingly, I didn’t manage to get myself any piece of tops T_T” There were all clothes of winter collection, hence not suitable for me :( As usual, Mum would scold me for buying short skirts and pants xD


12 月 10 日 , 星期三

I thought it was a really unlucky day to me, when I had to wait for the bus ALONE for hours and walk under the heavy downpour… Until the moment I met you there :)

I did not expect to see you here on Wednesdays, because I thought you need not to be here that day.
I didn’t expect you to be so friendly that you would even ask a kid for a drink.
I didn’t expect standing there chatting with you when every passer-by looked as us as if something wrong was going on.
I did not expect you telling me that the truth is a complete overturning of what I always have in my mind =X

Everything is unEXPECTable :)
I, too need some time to get used to it xD

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