22 December, 2008

12 22 2008,a day spent with besties =D so disappointed that Miss Viv couldn’t come along with us =( People present were: Choyyewchoon, Fongszehui, Kumkeiyan and Limfungsoon =D.

I planned to walk with SooN to LRT station or to get a ride from him a night before, but something happened and I ended up taking bus there. Being the earliest one to reach there, I took some “beautiful” scenes of the polluted river at Bukit Jalil xD.

Alright, I know there’s nothing special in this picture =.=” it’s just a random one :)

LOL I promised SooN not to talk bad bout him here xD, so I should say “I am glad that SooN finally came 15minutes later to rescue me from being bored to death” instead of “SooN made me went in and waited like a stupid ass” =X.

We sat together and met Ying =D. I miss her so much , glad to see her again after her SPM. Being misunderstood as couple AGAIN, SooN and I didn’t sit close together. Our past is the PAST, so 拜托 everyone of you not to mention it so often liao =X.

We reached Neway just on time, and hence we got a large room of No.60 although there’s only 4 of us =D

The blurred menu xD, just like how I was at that time =.=

SooN was busy eating while avoiding to be on camera xD, when we were busy choosing songs

Spell promised not to sing 张惠妹's songs, and he kept his promise =D

Is this Show Luo? I am not sure =/

My beautifully-decorated-but-tasteless chicken chop had arrived =D


First time singing with us ; don’t be shy please xD

Spending time camwhoring again xD

=X Feel like strangers taking picture together =.=”

Of course I would not forget my Spell darling too xD

Us =D trying hard to take a perfect one like this

Me : Blurring that time xD

Under Spell’s request, we went to Food&Tea for lunch xD.
We talked, talked and talked about everything including the Turtle Boy and SushiGroove Boy [I have had to mention them here due to SooN’s request because it is a creation from Spellman and FungSoon =.=].

Since I strongly disagreed with them =X, hence I want to have some personal confession here:

1. There’s no such thing happened as 骗喝骗吃 xD Because the meal thingy happened only ONCE on my big day =.=”
2. I have no relationships with them except FRIENDS. Yes, plain friends.
I don’t need them getting me anything special or doing anything for me. If I have mentioned that I want anything from you, it is just a plain joke, don’t ever bother to get them for me :)
4. I want to make sure that we are only friends. Now… and forever.
5. It is true that I always get you both to be my listeners. If doing so is not an appropriate way of being plain friends, then I shall apologize and will not look for you whenever I am in a hot boiling water.
6. This confession is for SooN, Spell, and the person concerned. Hope you are notified :)

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