29 December, 2008

2008 is going to end soon. Let’s see what had I done in all these 366 days [Don’t forget it is actually a leap year].

10 New People I Have Met

1. Mr. Fong Yoke Siong [my tutor who has the same birthday with me =D]
2. His Mum :) so sweet
3. Louis [someone friendly :D]
4. Jobin [funny guy xD]
5. Mei Keit, Alicia, Nicole [the Form6s]
6. JustinK [I miss him a lot xD]
7. Steven [the uber bad boii xD]
8. CWHow [New papa xD]
9. KenYap [cutecutecute neighbour]
10. Tung =.=

10 New Places I Have Been To
1. His house :)
2. Sushi Groove LOL
3. Awana Kijal, Terengganu =D
4. Malacca~
5. Zoo Negara :)
6. Wasa Queen Cruise
7. The place I don't belong to :(
8. Famine Camp
9. UKM Convo Hall :D
10. Jogoya *yummy*

10 New Things I Have Learnt [this is the boring part =X]
1. To live and laugh
2. To love and to let go
3. To kiss and tell
4. To understand that you’re b.a.d
5. To shop, shop and SHOP
6. To trust only myself
7. To make decisions [I hate deciding =X]
8. To be happy and forget each and every sadness
9. To lie to Mum =X [it’s not a good thing right?]
10. To be more patient with the boyfriend [This is what SooN had been complaining all the while =X]

10 New Gifts God Showered Me
1. The bunny :D From besties
2. The treasure I found after years of hunting--- someone born on the same day as mine
3. MORE pocket money this year xD
4. More freedom :)
5. The change of me to a better gf =X
6. New born cousin niece :)
7. The day we became good friends again
8. New people who loved myself more than I do
9. MORE besties =D
10. A teacher whom I can talk anything to :)

10 New Things I Have Done
1. Made DIY cards for Librarian Annual Dinner
2. Made wrong decisions T_T
3. Went to many places in a day (on 13 Nov) xD, from day till night
4. Broke up with an asshole boyfriend :D
5. Lost my Olympus battery T_T [Hope it will not repeat]
6. Blogged EVERYDAY eventhough I have nothing to write about =X
7. Dissected a toad xD!!
8. Made a periscope =/
9. Cut a 水母头 xD
10. Made list like these! :D

10 Incomplete Missions [Will be fulfilled in 2009, hopefully]
1. To countdown for Christmas :(
2. Not to cry in the whole year =X
3. Not to continue falling in love with assholes
4. To understand the whole Biology Form4 syllabus =/
5. To donate ALL my childhood plushies away T_T
6. To go for an overnight vacation with friends
7. To forget the undesirable past completely
8. To say NO to things against my wish =.="
9. To get colored contact lens
10. To buy "The Gift", by Cecelia Ahern :(

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