30 December, 2008

:D I just back from Nippon Yataimura 日本屋合村, for lunch + tea. I chose this restaurant because I simply love Japanese food xD.

The atmosphere :)

Large sashimi : RM116 ; Alright this is just the menu, I can't afford things like this =X

My favourite sushi-s =D

Miso Soup :) One of the world's Top 10 Most Healthy Food [do you know that?]

The delicious food --- I couldn't eat dinner liao xD

This is the souvenir from Perak--- it is a FISH food in case that the words cannot be seen clearly here. And the paper fish at the side is soon to be a gift to me xD, hopefully.


Today, the day where all PMR candidates were awaiting, had finally arrived :D Congrats to the 11 persons who get straight A's, and for those who can't, I knew it was terribly disappointing. BUT do try harder in two years time for SPM :) As SPM is always far more important than PMR...

So this year the 11 persons getting straight A's are:
Zhan Sheng, Chiee Leong, Jonathan, Choon Ping, Jo Ann, Hong Shi, Ee Von, Fitri, Keshmeet, Kha Nin Tha, Ken Min [IF you're interested to know].
Great, the overall result is much better than last year = = *paiseh*

*The crowd--- most of them came in school Tee-s and casual wear--- unlike us last year wearing school uniform

The smile from the parents was the best part when their son got straight A's :)

I remembered exactly what happened last year. I went there alone and stunned by the crowd when I reached. I received DaddyLoke's message before I got my result, how nice of him :) Today I met her, I missed her so much after a year hadn't been seeing her. But I couldn't smile to her that time while seeing her sister's eyes being filled with tears. The disappointment enveloping her heart was too much, hope she would be alright soon :) Awww I feel that time flew in just a blink of eye that today I was there to become the photographer--- when I didn't feel that I was actually needed there. And next year we would be the SPM candidates, with fear and anxiety. Keep waiting then :)

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