02 December, 2008

Early in the morning___classes start kinda late today,
so I shall have time to blog a lil'
although there's nothing signifant happened =/

{{{ Feeling indolent today =Xx.
I don't wish to escape from this room if possible,
but at the very same moment,
I knew I need to breathe in some fresh air in order to continue surviving }}}

I guess the obstacles were blown away from me =)
And I am back to be the happy ME

True. I might be still wondering if that really mean the end of everything,
I might be pretty sad over it.
I got a lot of opinions about it, which they're more-a-less similar,
If you were to say that I am not making any effort to mend it up,
then I was sorry to say that I pretty did.

I spent my entire morning watching this::>
Doraemon: The New Nobita's Great Adventure Into The Underworld
[ will be showing on cinema on 4 December 2008 ]
Thanks to Mr. J's DVD.
His was the Japanese version =DD,
but the Chinese subtitles were pretty accurate.
*I miss my childhood cartoon!!

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