28 December, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday, darlinggg Celine :)

You look so sweet :)


The Sister's friends~

Val’s gang xD

Kang is SO shy xD

KFC - 3 of us again xD

Vivi is overjoyed =]

DarlingCeline and the cute bro :)

:D Finally got the chance to take a shot with the birthday girl~

Aww... so busy playing cards xD

The hairy hare :)

Playing with reflection of mirror :)

:D The prezzy~ from everyone

Kang and Vivi were wearing the SAME color =X

Expressionlesssss =X

Blasting the music :)

Uncle was making garlic toast for us :D

With kawaii Ling...

The cake reminds me of something = =


Happybirthdaytoyou :)

Blew them off at once :)

:) Awaiting
JinKuan seemed so expert in cutting the cake

BestieVivi ; DarlingSweeyeng ; Fishyyy :D
BestieKeiyan missed this part :(

Awww... Kang, why look so sad?

The high schoolmate :D
Kang ; Enoch ; Jiinsheng ; Jinkuan
Leeling ; Szehui ; Vivian ; Sweeyeng ; Jiayi

The boyfriends :)

To get ALL the original pictures,
~*^Click HERE^*~ :D

P/S: Mr. J, thanks for the souvenir and Xmas gift!

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