21 December, 2008

I miss PTK!!

The tuition classes of 2008 have officially ended, which means I will continue attending classes in Kasturi next year, starting from 3 Jan.

After two years of going there, I have really learnt a lot. I met new people, new relationship, new teachers, new admirers >.< Oh gosh, I will just be away from the place and people there for two weeks =/ and I start exaggerating… Do I have to miss them so much? =X

Besides, I also learn that it could actually rain in the class at PTK xD. Apparently the air conds have water leaking everywhere =X and this problem actually occurs since last month [someone told me this]. So don’t ever sit under the air cond, or you will have yourself bathing in splashes of ‘fresh’ water xD.

You must be wondering why would I miss/love this tuition center so much? After all, it is just a place of studying the boring things to get A’s in SPM =). But to me, it is more than just that. It has exactly all the inner amusements [Opps, sounds like JM’s url =X], where I can actually gain everything from there, meet everyone who loves me there, :) and of course our relationship starts there too.

P/S: Sorry for missing the party yesterday. Happy belated birthday to her :)

Four days left to Christmas =D I knew my friends will be going out for countdown, which I also hope going along with them~ But Mum usually doesn’t let me get home after midnight :( And I think I gotta start praying hard by now…

So *you also asked me bout my Christmas plan, *sigh*…I know I always disappoint *you…when *you asked me for breakfast, I can't make it. When *you asked me for pasar malam, I had to reject it again. When *you asked me for YesMan [Oh ya, this movie is incredibly NICE =D], I couldn’t make it T_T. I felt so bad…but finally yesterday…the simple breakfast was great :) I didn’t know that *you could actually notice so much bout me, and cared whatever I said :) At least better than someone else :( I mean, with *your status compared to mine, *you need not to listen a single thing from me. I couldn't help but smile =)

Besides, =D I have got you a card. When Alex and Kuan read your card to me, they said you were sw33t :) Thanks for being so sweet to me & Viv~

Is he cute? xD

And it's 3D =D

My time of crapping xD!!

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