05 December, 2008

Since I am sick not really feeling well today,
Uber bad boy planned a marvellous day for me:

10- 11 am : Wake up *yawn*
11 am : Breakfast on bed [Today's menu: Chicken porridge] *Please eat slowly*
12 am : Watch tv *change howsoever many channels you wish =D*
3 pm : Go chatting online
4 pm : Play Facebook ♥♥♥ , blogging
6 pm : Whatever activity [destroy the PC if you can] *evil laughs*
7 pm : Dinner time? Salted food from outside =.=" coz' Mum isn't cooking me anything
8 pm : *continue being treated nicely by family members*
9 pm : Go to bed :] *Sick people, rest more*

LOL isn't that a superb dream? xD!
Okayyy so...
today I miss the fun with you guys,
I miss the celebration.
Most significantly, I miss BOLT

But apparently I don't have to miss you guys that much =/
Since *you are not going, and ^you aren't there as well, so why should I present myself =/
Sorry uber bad boii =Xx. I made you feeling lonely there, I guess?

P/S: Happy Belated Birthday to Tung :)
You would enjoy yourself without us there xD

Alright, gotta go for classes soon :] Have a nice day


I have been talking, or more precisely writing bout the very same person since a month ago... Blablabla, if you notice, I have not been happy over it, I supposed =/ Yesterday I wrote bout the very same topic of that person AGAIN. I guess the pestiferous repetition may have bored you to death =X And I typed something last week and drafted it somehow, I didn't post it out because...I don't think it could make a difference anyway :(
So let's forget bout that thing NOW

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