01 January, 2009

Yep. In a blink of eye, it is already 2009 as time never stops even a second :)
New year, new life.
New life, new start.
:D Enjoy the new skin of this site

Yesterday night...
Countdown with besties =DD
We had much more fun than expected (:

It was 7pm when Vivi and I reached 十里亭, when everyone was late as usual LOL. There were only 5 of us for the dinner--- SpellmanC, FungsoonL, KeiyanK, VivianC and me! :D

*The cheapest escargots I have ever eaten =X

After the meal, we finally proceeded to SooN's house :D although 3 of them want to go to cybercafe =.= Leon came to join us as well :D Watching tv, blablabla...it was bored BUT luckily we went up to his room to play Truth or Dare. Hmm, this game made me revealed and knew something xD and everyone just couldn't stop talking bout SooN's and my past =.= Anyway, I enjoyed the JIAMENG part MOST xD--- prank call is fun!!

I guess everyone couldn't help to stop laughing :D

We finally knew Vivi's BIGGEST secret =X although we didn't know if she was telling the truth

*senyum kambing* xD

The word is written using marker pen, pity him xD

Obsessed over lengchai's blog again xD

I always love taking picture with you <3>

Both are so 'red' xD

Yep. Spray promoter = =

SooN, smile MORE xD

Us =D

When it was one minute away from 12am of 1 Jan 2009, we went outside the house and played sprays xD. Having countdown in such way was FUN =D.

He got so high xD

Pretty snowy Vivi xD

We both got sprayed all over the body!! T_T

The gentleman, FungTat cleaned the ground for us xD

SooN also pretended to be hardworking that time xD

He wanted to play even with so much foam all over the body =X

We were sad coz' Spell didn't want to join us in playing sprays =X

And we finally smiled when he came out and took group picture with us :D

All of us :)
Leon ; FungTat ; Spell
Viv ; KeiYan ; FiSh ; SooN
[I knew it was not clear because I was using my old camera T_T]

We then proceeded to mamak stall for a drink and... the plan started =X Alright, it failed = = And I felt kinda bad for it *sigh*. Keiyan left us a bit earlier, and we slowly went home one by one. Anyway thanks to him for fetching me home at 2am xD. It was seriously the latest time I ever reached home after an outing with friends = = Luckily Mum didn't scold me a single word :D and everything went smoothly.

Guys and gurls,
Nice having countdown with all of you. And I really enjoyed tremendously, thanks everyone!! :D May our laughters at the very first second of 2009 continue throughout the year AND may we stay together all the time :D Friendship shall never break xD.

to get the original pictures :D

P/S: Thanks EVERYONE who sent me New Year wishes through MSN, chatbox, and cellphone :D *IamgladthatIstillreceivetextfromYOU :)

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