28 January, 2009

A brief post on the festive season =)

The first day turned out nothing extraordinary =.=
As every year we visit my uncle at Klang after the temples.
But this year is kinda different
because we managed to go for shopping at Jusco, Bukit Tinggi xD
10am to 10pm!
I the place.
Large. Just like OneUtama xD!!

The second day was a lil' boring,
everyone gathered at the hometown chit-chatting.
Few ringgits of angpows.
Gambling. Cookies.
Spent whole day there.

Third day.
Visitting relatives.
No ang pows = ="
Because I have already got from them a day before.

The three days were not bad overall =)
I don't regret going out visiting relatives although it was boring,
because I knew I would one day have no chance for all these.
Cherish the memories while you can :)

The scallop yee-sang from Sushi King

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