19 January, 2009

*The conversation with Mr. Monitor goes like this, and it seriously sounds like I am super-duper lazy T_T

I was feeling way too bored and tired today--- that I had no time to even sleep [since Friday] and finish up my homework. Chemistry, Civic, English, Economics, Biology, the list continues like I have not been doing homework since ages ago! But who cares, I need some time to online and keep myself updated to everything happened to people around me =) and hence I went blog-hopping.

And when I reached this site, I really wanted to tell her that Mr. LubDup IS actually better than Mr. Freddy!! Too bad, she didn't have any chatbox in her blog =Xx I know bout this blog because Mr. LubDup told me bout it, he knew bout it--- HE FOUND IT OUT HIMSELF. And from the way he told me, I knew that these words from this girl hurt him :( *sigh*

To Mr. LubDup,
Don't be upset over this =) In lots and lots of blog, everyone praises you [as always]... So don't you need to have hard feelings over such critic from just ONE of your students =)

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