02 January, 2009

A day spent at Times Square again today xD
AND I SPENT RM 0.00 !!!
:D Incredible? I shall let you know later

There were only 3 of us--- SooN, SpeLL and I :D
Others were either not free or not allowed to go out :(
The place is already full of CNY decorative items [so fast =X]

I finally realised that Chinese New Year is around the corner :D coming very soon

梅花 ♥

The traditional lanterns :)

And our mission today was to watch this:
Bedtime Stories :D

It is kinda like the Enchanted movie :)

Bugsy, the guinea pig :D [CUTE!]

LOL the imaginary life =X

Ferrari, the RED horse :D

SooN treated us for these:
1. Movie :D
2. Food for movie time :)

3. The hairy eggy xD

4. The meal at ShabuShabu ♥

Aww...how nice of him eh? Ha-hass. Would like to thank him here too xD. He treated us all these although he had to finish up the final piece of note in his wallet, and asked me few bucks for transportation from Spell =X [Yaya, I knew he could get a lot pieces more from ATM xD]. But I guessed he was pretty happy spending his hard-earned money.

Spell always looks great :D

Protected by two guys xD

I wanted to buy a pair of silver shoes, BUT failed T_T" I no longer saw it on the main display rack :( Spell left us after the meal, because he had to go for Genting trip. And we hanged out at Borders for quite some time, maybe we had nothing much to do gua =X I searched for Seventeen [I am now one of the 17s liao T_T] , but failed ALSO =.=" I thought I would got bullied because going out with two guys, but finally it turned out to be a great outing :D I love you both


I want to watch this as well :D
大搜查之女 【Lady Cop And Papa Crook】, starring Sammi Cheng and Eason Chan. I remembered that she sang the movie's theme song during her concert last year :) Perhaps someday I should buy its pirated DVD to watch at home, because tomorrow onwards I would have no time on Earth to continue playing around liao T_T

P/S: Sorry for breaking the promise today. I finally understand that I can no longer hang out so much with you during these two-weeks tuition break, for we can't make each other happy anymore.

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