21 January, 2009

Finally I fall sick LOL

It happened like this:

I felt feverish early in the morning yesterday. Deciding not to skip school, I brought along 4 bottles of mineral water [approximately 2 litres] and a packet of medicine to school. And I felt much better when I got home at 1pm. After a nap for two hours, I went for sports practice as planned. It was drizzling when I was walking to school. Soon the sky suddenly turned dark as the cats and dogs rain began to shower the ground. With an umbrella, I walked home under the rain. And I felt so sick after that T_T ...

At night, I was brought to consult the doctor, and believe it or not, my body temperature at that moment was 39.6ÂșC !! OMG I have never had such high fever before in my entire life. He called me up at that night, asking if I would like to go to night market with him. *sigh* I was so sick that I couldn't even speak through the phone, hence I have had to reject his call >.<

And today I couldn't attend school and tuition classes, because I still had high fever until now. I have no choice but to skip important tuition classes, which are already irreplaceable on the other days. And I couldn't have dinner with him today after classes as planned earlier. The sickness I am having now made me regretted for attending the sports practice yesterday T_T ... After sleeping for 11 hours last night and the whole day today, I finally got slightly better. Hopefully the health of mine enables me to go to school tomorrow... And hope to meet him tomorrow too :)

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