31 January, 2009

Full of outings!
From 1st day till 6th day LOL
Having fun while getting more tired and lazy day by day =X

My 5th day = Gambling day xD!!
We went house to house for visitting and gambling =X
The very first destination is MY HOUSE =D
I have never asked my friends to my house before during CNY,
and the first visit turned out not bad [luckily!!]...
Too bad that Chickenbun was late and lost one angpow from my Mum xD!!

*On the mahjong table xD of the second house (Khengyang's)

*SooN was in a rush to go to the 3rd destination,
Ms. Dae Jang Geum's mansion = =
She refused to take photo with me T_T!! So sad~

*Cute Keikei and lil' John joined us too =D

*Wow!! Kienbing is sooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome hor? xD

*Everyone gathered around Yonghan's computer =.="

FiShyyy and Vivi :) But Fish doesn't look okiee today = =

*Random living room :)

*He took me as 'watak sampingan' =.="

We still managed to take a shot :)

They were too bored =Xx

Wow! Do you guys remember whose Mum is this?
LOL the one Kienbing praised, praised and praised xD!!
OMG I have forgotten to take pictures of Spell's new mansion T_T!!
And getting overexcited of gambling, we didn't go to Chinthong's house =Xx
I called him up to apologize, and he sounds absolutely okayy with it =.="
Perhaps he has better guests guaaa xD!!
And then KumkeiyanFongszehuiCheongyanhui left the guys after winning their money and went to YingXing's birthday party =D

*The first thing I saw when stepping into her house is this cute lil' thing!!
She is.... awe-some! =D

:) Barbeque~

Her pretty Mum lighting up candles :)

*I want the cherry!!

Xing sangat hebat--- Meniup dari jarak jauh pun boleh tiup sampai habis padam @@"

*Cut bigger pieces for family please xD

Szuwah's favourite act: Raping people xD and Vivi was the poor victim

*The lil' souvenir before I left :)
My 6th day: Shopping day :D

*My drink for breakfast, at Food&Tea, Jusco Cheras Selatan =D

*The dessert--- as breakfast too xD!!

*I have nothing better to do at this moment xD!!

*Everyone is playing phone =.="

*Us =D

*I spent money again xD!!

The Wedding Game was great :D
An indeed nice, hilarious movie!!
Another great product by Fann Wong :)

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