02 February, 2009


=DD Yesterday after tuition classes, Sis brought us all to
FoGuangShan Dong Zen Temple Light Festival~
At this beautiful temple of Jenjarom, Kuala Langat, Banting, Selangor...

It is basically the nicest temple I'd ever go =DD
It does not look like an ordinary temple with thick layers of smoke,
but this place has lots of gardens, with beautiful scenery and decorations!

*Floor plan =) we were not familiar to this place at all = =

*We reached at 6pm =D

*Is my Mum cute? xD

*Me, Mum, Aunt =)

Sissiiiiie =D

The entrance! Look, Nemo!!

*The pond

*The couple with fishieee

4 of us =D

Cute ma? xD!!


*Feeding the fishes`

*I love the scenery =)

*The blossoms =D

*Fatty me ! xD

*The air-conditioned temple!


*The OX

*Cute donkeys, I brought one home! =D

*Please be kind xD

*Fat + cute xD

*It is so huge to me!

*Vegetarian bak kut teh = ="

*Vegetarian fried oyster T_T!! [The taste sucks =Xx]

*Monumen keagamaan yang anda belajar dalam buku Sejarah xD!!

*Please write your wish on it and hang it on the tree =)

Cutie Siddharta =D

*Showtime! Uncles and aunties singing on the stage =D

*The night scene is even better =D

*Si pokok jodoh =)

*The reflection of peacock...

The huge OX!


*I love traditional lantern like this =) so authentic~

*Tarian singa kini sedang berlangsung =D

*The crowd on the pathway~

*The area is spacious yet it is soooooo crowded =X

*Pulanglah ke jalan asal xD!!

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